We have a rotating selection of Forty Ninth Parallel Coffee. Come give us a visit to see what we have on hand. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, speak to a manager and we’ll see if we can put in an order!



The unique brew method of the Aeropress provides a rich and smooth coffee flavour with less bitterness, and no grounds left in the cup. The ease and size of the Aeropress make it ideal for travelers, as well as for coffee enthusiasts or coffee beginners.

*Filters Available


The Chemex is a piece of coffee history. First developed in 1941 in Germany, the goal behind the Chemex was to create an “attractive, yet simple and fabulous vessel”. The Chemex still delivers smooth, clean coffee with ease.

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The Brewt is an ingenious and multipurpose way to steep your favourite beverages with ease. It is ideal for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate; its filter at the bottom collects any leaves or grinds, creating a beautifully steeped beverage.


A simple manual brew method that offers an exceptionally clean cup of coffee. Suitable for manual brew beginners, or an experienced coffee enthusiast; the v60 will not disappoint.

*Filters Available